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Non-Profit Youth Training Program & Prop House

Prop House

A Prop House is a vendor to the Entertainment Industry. The vendors to the entertainment industry are our greatest avenues for jobs within our community. These jobs make great careers and provide many opportunities for the students in our city.

Prop Houses provide set dressings and props for movies and television productions. They contain objects that decorators and production designers need to describe scenes and decorate movie and television sets.

Hollywood Cinema Production Resources’ non-profit Prop House is uniquely designed to be the avenue in which our training program can recycle and generate resources through the donations we receive by collecting discarded props, furniture and re-usable materials as tax-deductible donations from various production companies, studios, and other businesses. These donations become the items we rent in our non-profit Prop House which generates revenue to support our program indefinitely.

The Prop House is specifically geared toward the entertainment industry and around our training program. It gives our students interaction with working industry professionals and promotes recycling. The students participating in the training program learn in a setting of a real working prop house and shop.

Revenues generated from the Prop House support not only Hollywood CPR’s training program, but also is designed to support other non-profit organizations within our community.

Thanks so much to Debbie from for her generous donation and please check out her web site which should be voted the best site for anything you need for your film, tv show, commercial, music video, party and more!


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THURS JAN 14th @
6:00pm SHARP!

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