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Appreciated Stocks
How can you make a secure long-term investment in today's volatile stock market?

By investing in the welfare of the community through Hollywood CPR’s youth services.

A gift of long-term appreciated marketable stocks or securities will help you save taxes twice.

Such a gift will provide an income-tax charitable deduction and capital gains tax savings.
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Making a Stock Gift is Easy as 1-2-3

  1. We ask that you or your broker contact Hollywood CPR to inform us of your intention to make a stock gift. That way, we can monitor the progress of the transaction and acknowledge your gift accurately and appropriately upon its completion.

  2. Call Laura Peterson at (310) 258-0123 or email her at Hollywood CPR has already established accounts with brokers and Laura will provide you with the account and DTC numbers you need to make a gift transfer directly to one of these charitable accounts. Most current stock donations are made through direct broker-to-broker transfer, but we are also prepared to handle donations where the actual stock certificates are transferred.

  3. Write a letter to your broker instructing him/her to deliver a specific number of shares of a specific stock to an already established account in the name of Hollywood CPR. Please be aware that the stock must NOT be sold until it reaches Hollywood CPR’s account, as you will incur tax liability on the appreciated amount of the stock if this occurs. If Hollywood CPR does not have an established account with your broker, we can help you to establish one.

To calculate the actual cost of your gift after tax benefits are taken into account and to learn more about donating stock, as with all financial considerations, we urge your attorney, tax advisor or financial consultant to discuss potential tax advantages and other aspects of your charitable giving with you. Or you may call Hollywood CPR at (310) 258-0123 for assistance in determining which type of giving would best suit your particular needs.

Thank you!

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